About Us

Bhavya Enterprise is a venture by technocrat with manufacturing and marketing expertise. With experience of over 2 decades, dedicated to innovation and knowledge base Solution provider. It focuses on customer satisfaction through a sale or services.
The company has been a leader in it chosen business for more than a decade and has long term cliental relations that have given it a robust market presence and market share.
Bhavya Enterprise is today uniquely positioned to offer a complete solution to all your needs.

We are authorized marketing Partner of Cello.

Adding Various Products to Basket - Floor Protection Sheet, Floor Protector, Bubble Guard Sheet, 

Wall Protector Sheet, False Ceiling, Wall Panel, Geo Textile, Geo Membrane, Geo Synthetic

About Cello.

Since 1975, Cello has been shaping plastics into high quality convenience products for homes and industries. Making life better & easier. Ceaselessly endeavoring to set new bench marks in quality and constantly innovating to blaze new trails in the marketplace. Today Cello offers larger range of products than any other manufacturer in India.

All surpassing the highest international standards in quality Cello's R&D, manufacturing technology, production processes, materials, quality standards and the high skilled workforce of 5000 people are among the best in the world. Making Cello the no. 1 brand of plastic products in India.

The fusion of state-of-the art technology plant directly imported from Italy which is the first in Asia & the best raw material makes it a better product as compared to other currently available.

In combination with this new technology we have developed a more rigid product with remarkable properties in terms of overall compressive strength. The Product is a structural innovation: Three polypropylene films one upon other, with central layer thermoformed in three dimensions. Which is also proving an excellent alternative to several materials available in the market.